Woman Wants Restraining Order Against Florida Cop

PALM BAY, Fla. --

Next week, a Brevard County woman will get her chance in court to file a restraining order against a Palm Bay cop. She told WFTV he terrorized her twice, including making her take off some clothing in her own home.

But, the police department says the officer has never had a discipline problem; he was described by his department as an exemplary officer.

What started as a disturbance call at a home off Palm Bay Road escalated into a request for a restraining order against the Palm Bay police officer and the filing of a sexual harassment complaint with his department.

"I'm scared to call the police for anything. I'd be scared to be pulled over by the police," complainant Michelle Gamble told WFTV.

Gamble was too out of sorts to face cameras, but she isn't backing down from what she alleges Officer Donovan Brickhouse did after police were called to her home for a domestic disturbance on January 30.

Gamble's boyfriend made the call.

"I was being accused of having drugs in my house. He patted me down, he told me to go into my bedroom, take my shirt off, lift my bra up, pull it down exposing my breast," she explained.

No arrests were made. Gamble filed a complaint on the advice of her attorney. Days later, she claims Officer Brickhouse returned to her home.

"In my mind, that goes to intimidation and harassment," said Michael Bross, Gamble's attorney.

Bross is seeking a restraining order and told WFTV the officer involved should be terminated.

The Palm Bay Police Department is working to determine what may or may not have occurred. A spokesperson told WFTV, based on Gamble's initial complaint to the department, there was no violation of policy, and there were some strong words for Bross.

"To come forward publicly and make these types of allegations against one of our officers without any basis of fact, without any type of thorough investigations, is very irresponsible," said Yvonne Martinez, Palm Bay Police Department.

Bross says he wants the case as public as possible to ensure it's investigated properly.

The hearing on the restraining order is scheduled for February 15.

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