Ex-Pa. Constable Accused of Seeking Blank Prescriptions


State police said they arrested and charged a former police officer with impersonating a public servant after he asked a doctor to sign three blank prescription slips.

Mark W. Fisher, 31, of Irwin, is also charged with theft by deception, receiving stolen property, carrying a firearm without a license and forgery, Channel 4 Action News' Jennifer Miele reported Wednesday.

Police said Fisher called a doctor in Mount Pleasant and asked for an after-hours meeting. The doctor told investigators that Fisher wore what appeared to be a Turtle Creek police uniform with a gun and holster on his hip and said that he needed the blank slips.

"He said it was part of an investigation he was conducting, and by the doctor giving him these blank scripts with his signature on them, this doctor could help him solve a crime," Trooper Stephen Limani said.

Court papers said, "The defendant had the victim sign a forged Turtle Creek Police Department Waiver of Rights And Consent To Search form. The defendant also forged the signature of an Attorney General Agent as a witness on the forged form."

Turtle Creek Police Chief Dale Kraeer said Fisher is a former officer in that department.

"We collected his badge and police card," Kraeer said. "And as far as uniforms, they technically do belong to the offers because they buy them, so that's how that happened."

State police said weeks went by and Fisher didn't return the prescription slips as promised, which made the doctor suspicious and prompted him to call the Turtle Creek chief.

"It's disappointing that someone would use any officer's police uniform to do such a thing, and we feel bad it was our uniform," Kraeer said.

Fisher was appointed as a constable in Westmoreland County in November. He was suspended from those duties Wednesday.

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