Florida Officer Opens Fire During Traffic Stop


Investigators say a Windermere police officer opened fire on a suspect who rammed into his patrol car before fleeing from a traffic stop early Saturday morning.

The incident began with a traffic stop on Park Avenue near Tryon Place just after 1:00 Saturday morning. Officials haven't said what the suspect was being pulled over for.

According to investigators, the suspect initially stopped for the officer, but moments later put his car into reverse and smashed into the officer's patrol car.

Officials say the officer responded with gunfire, in fear for his safety.

The suspect, who has been identified as 23-year-old Jesse Lee Harrison, was not struck by the gunfire.

Harrison sped off from the traffic stop and a short pursuit ensued. Police say Harrison ditched his car not far from the scene and continued on foot.

Windermere police were assisted by the Orange County Sheriff's Office and Florida Highway Patrol in the search for the suspect. Law enforcement used both the sheriff's helicopter and K-9 units.

Harrison was eventually located inside the Tryon Place subdivision and arrested. Deputies say he suffered minor injuries from a K-9 dog.

A silver 4-door car with rear damage was found in the area of the initial scene. Police put crime scene tape around the vehicle, but have not confirmed it was the one involved.

The Windermere Police Department requested that the Orange County Sheriff's Office investigate the incident.

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