Pair Kick Out N.M. Patrol Car Window, Escape


A Valencia County woman and man slipped out of a patrol car. The woman has been caught, but police are still hunting for one escapee.

Surveillance cameras at a Los Lunas home show Brieanne Tracey walk to the backdoor in handcuffs at 6:30 a.m. Monday. Tracey then bangs on the door with her head to get the homeowner’s attention.

“What a morning. What a way to wake up,” homeowner Linda Duran said.

Duran called 911 immediately, and deputies showed up to arrest Tracey minutes later.

“She just kept yelling, ‘Help me, help me. They’re chasing me’ and I was like ‘Who’s chasing you?’” Duran said.

Duran said she had no idea that, according to deputies, Tracey and Sean Hedrick had just kicked out the windows of a Valencia County deputy patrol car and fled.

Deputies said the two were arrested on outstanding warrants and breaking into another vehicle.

The pair escaped the car when deputies ran across the street to save a man who was running through traffic, they said.

“I was glad I could help them capture her. They weren’t in that car for no reason,” Duran said.

The Valencia County sheriff said deputies are required to keep their prisoners in eyesight, but said this case was an exception because the man in the street put himself and the public in danger.

Hedrick has not been caught by authorities.

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