New Hampshire Officers Attacked by Pit Bulls


A Somersworth man is calling for three pit bulls to be put down after he said the large dogs attacked his Labrador mix and local police.

Felder Thelusma said he was out for a walk with his 5-year-old dog Lucas on Saturday morning when three pit bulls charged at him in the 300 block of High Street in Somersworth.

Thelusma said the dogs started biting Lucas, so he tried to scare them off, but he became so terrified by the way the dogs were acting that he ran away. He said one of the pit bulls chased him for several blocks.

Eventually, police said, a passing driver was able to help Thelusma and Lucas into a truck, and Thelusma called Somersworth police.

When an officer arrived, police said, the officer was bitten in the leg by one of the pit bulls, so he called for backup. Police said another officer tried to use an animal restraint, but she slipped on some ice, and the dogs charged at her.

Another officer then used pepper spray on the dogs.

Police blocked the area off, and it took about three hours for the animal control officer to lure the pit bulls into a police vehicle using treats.

The police officer who was bitten was taken to a hospital and given a tetanus shot. Police said he is back on the job with no serious injuries.

Thelusma said his dog suffered serious injuries. The dog is recovering with several staples and stitches holding his wounds together.

Thelusma said veterinarian bills are about $1,000, money he's hoping the pit bulls' owners will repay.

Police tracked down the pit bulls' owners. Scott Libby, 31, of Somersworth, is facing 13 charges, including six counts of having a vicious dog and three counts of having unregistered dogs.

Police said Libby apologized and expressed concern about the dogs' actions. One of the pit bulls belongs to Libby's sister, police said.

The pit bulls are being held by police for a 10-day period so they can be observed to see if they have rabies.

Police said they are talking with the dogs' owners about their fate, but police said the dogs could be euthanized.

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