Passenger Calls 911 From Truck in Neb. Police Chase

OMAHA, Neb. --

Omaha police said no citations have been issued, but the investigation continues into a pursuit that ended with a short standoff in a hospital parking lot.

Authorities said the Iowa State Patrol was ending its pursuit of a red Chevy Avalanche at the I-480 bridge around 1 a.m. Friday. Omaha's police helicopter picked up surveillance of the truck, police said.

According to a news release, the female passenger called 911 from the vehicle and told dispatchers her husband, the driver, was suicidal, and he was threatening her and her child, who was also in the truck.

Police said they tried to stop the truck using a tire deflation device, but were not successful.

Weather conditions prevented the helicopter from continuing the pursuit, so police said they called the passenger and determined they were on their way to Immanuel Medical Center.

Police said they found the vehicle in the hospital parking lot, where a short standoff took place. Officers said they were eventually able to convince the man to hand over the keys to the vehicle.

Authorities said they were able to secure the passenger, but determined the child mentioned in her call to 911 was actually a dog. The woman later explained to officers that her dog is like a child to her.

The driver of the vehicle was placed into emergency protective custody, according to the release.

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