Undercover Sting Brings Down Okla. Drug Ring


The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said Tuesday charges were formally filed against 17 people who were arrested in an undercover sting that brought down a major drug distribution ring in the metro.

Undercover agents said they were able to arrest Dejaun Zeno, who is at the top echelon of the drug ring in the Operation Hawaiian Punch, which started as early as June.

Now, prosecutors said Zeno has been charged with multiple counts of possession and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

"You can really disrupt an entire area of drug distribution with one or two arrests. That's what these operations are aiming to do -- remove them from the head down," Mark Woodward, of the OBN, said.

According to court records, Zeno sold drugs to undercover agents five times between June and November of last year.

During one of those encounters, an agent said he arranged to buy 2 ounces of powder cocaine and 100 ecstasy pills for $2,100. On another occasion, the agent said he bought 8 pounds of marijuana for $3,600.

OBN said of 28 people accused of buying and selling drugs, law enforcement agencies rounded up 17.

"Getting 17 of the 28 on the first day was a pretty good day for us, plus the main target (Zeno)," Woodward said.

With Zeno off the streets, OBN said others working beneath him will have a harder time peddling their product.

"So when you get the main people, there can be anywhere from a dozen to two dozen local street dealers who are counting on their shipment, sometimes daily or weekly," Woodward said.

OBN officials said there are still more arrests trickling in as result of the sting, and some out of state suspects have been located since last month.

While some of those charged could face long jail sentences, OBN said others who are mainly users will just be referred to drug courts.

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