Burglars Take $120,000 Cash From New Hampshire Home


A family in Chichester said someone broke into their home and walked out with $120,000 cash that was hidden in a sock drawer.

A business owner said his home was broken into Friday between 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. The homeowner said he's convinced someone knew about the cash he kept at home.

“It was in piles of $10,000,” the homeowner said. “There were three piles. This is the money I dealt with every day, (it's) the business that I'm in.”

The homeowner said the family safe, which was hidden in a closet, was also taken.

“It was in a corner with a bunch of clothes on top of it so you really didn't know it was a safe because the whole thing had a sheet draped over it,” he said.

The homeowner said he thinks it probably took more than one man to move the safe down two flights of stairs.

“They have the walls all scuffed up and there's marks from a dolly or some type of whatever they were using to carry it down the stairs,” the homeowner said.

The business owner said the burglars must have come in through an unlocked door and lured his German shepherd into the dog crate.

"They ended up putting dog food in his cage so he'd go into it, then they locked the door," the homeowner said.

He said other expensive items like jewelry and computers were left behind. The business owner said he's offering a reward for information leading to arrests and convictions.

"I'm going to put on record $10,000,” the homeowner said. “If it takes more, then let's do whatever we have to do to catch these people."

The business owner said he has been in contact with the Ohio police, who found thousands of dollars scattered on a highway Monday morning.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the Chichester Police Department at 603-798-4911.

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