Colo. Coroner Says Officer Bled To Death Within Minutes

LIMON, Colo. --

A 27-year-old Limon police officer who was shot while trying to apprehend a fugitive at a trailer park last week bled to death, the county coroner said Monday.

The .45-caliber bullet entered Jay Sheridan's left arm, ripped open an artery, then entered his lung, went through his heart and into the other lung, said Lincoln County Coroner Jennifer Nestor.

Nestor told 7NEWS that the bullet lodged in his body, by his right rib, and did not exit.

The bullet pierced a main artery and the officer died of exsanguination, Nestor said.

Sheridan died within minutes, she said.

The suspect, 52-year-old Dennis Mark Hasty, died from a single shot fired from the same weapon, Nestor said. He died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the center chest, she said. The bullet ripped his thoracic aorta and Hasty also bled to death, Nestor said.

Sheridan's funeral will be held on Tuesday. In Simla, where he grew up, classes are canceled in the Big Sandy School District. Sheridan's mother is a special education teacher in the district and his father was a former school board member.

Sheridan was with several other officers trying to serve an out-of-state warrant when he was killed. Hasty was wanted on a sex offender registry violation from another state.

Hasty shot and killed himself after a four-hour standoff with police.

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