Unexplained Explosions Have Ariz. Neighborhood Frightened


People living in Arcadia are under siege from random explosions that wake them almost every other night.

One man in the neighborhood described it as a loud boom another said it sounded like a dynamite stick.

Erik Johnson, who lives in the neighborhood, had another explanation, "maybe there are local meth labs in the neighborhood that are blowing up."

The only thing that the residents inside the neighborhood know for sure is the sound is big, loud and they can not find any signs of what's causing it.

"We would like to know what is going on in our own neighborhood with stuff blowing up," said Johnson.

Residents said the explosions can be heard every other night in the neighborhood, usually after it dark and even as late as 2 a.m. The latest one on Monday night was loud enough to wake the entire block.

"It is definitely a problem and we are trying to catch the people," said Ryan Whittington, with the Phoenix Police Department.

Investigators can't say who is behind the explosions, but thanks to some burn marks and debris in the area they have a good idea what's causing them.

"The bomb squad investigation and determined it is an M-80 style fireworks," said Whittington.

The answer to mystery is not wild as some thought, but now that the truth is out neighbors want their peace and quite back.

"Stop waking us up, stop waking up the neighbors with the car alarms and barking dogs in the neighborhood," said Johnson.

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