Responding Colorado Police Cruiser Crashes

AURORA, Colo. --

An Aurora police patrol collided with another car as the officer was responding to a police standoff with an armed man Tuesday afternoon.

The patrol car had its emergency lights and siren on when it collided with a red sedan at South Chambers Road and East Iliff Avenue, police said. The officer and an occupant of the sedan suffered minor injuries.

The sedan left the roadway and struck a light pole and the patrol car came to rest in the intersection with a smashed grill and a blown tire.

The officer was en route to a domestic violence confrontation at an apartment building near the intersection of Billings Street and Evergreen Avenue, police said.

Other officers arriving at the domestic violence scene about noon found a female victim outside. She said a man armed with a gun was inside the apartment building, police said.

The SWAT team was dispatched and quickly evacuated residents from the apartment building as a precaution, police said. SWAT officers made contact with the male suspect and tried to negotiate his surrender.

SWAT was able to make entry into the apartment, but found it empty. Other addresses where the man was thought to be were searched and he was not found.

Police said the investigation continued as to the man's whereabouts and into the original domestic violence call.

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