Las Vegas Officers Fired on During Pursuit


Las Vegas Metro police said they have arrested a man after a chase that started after the man wouldn't pull over near Stewart Avenue and Lamb Boulevard about 2:30p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Police said an officer tried to pull over a minivan that was driving recklessly, but the driver wouldn't comply. Officers reported the minivan was speeding and driving against traffic, including down two-lane roads.

At one point, the first officer lost the minivan, but another officer spotted it and gave chase. A Metro helicopter also assisted in the search and chase, police said.

As officers neared the minivan, the man started shooting at them from his window while driving, police said. At least two rounds were fired, police said.

Officers laid down spike strips near Judson Avenue and Nellis Boulevard, stopping the minivan, police said.

The man was arrested in the 4900 block of Cartier Avenue, near Nellis Boulevard and Carey Avenue. He is facing charges of attempted murder, evading arrest and unlawful discharge of a weapon, police said.

Police said Cartier from Nellis to Marion Drive is closed while officers investigate the shooting.

Officers did not fire back at the man, police said.

A woman who was a passenger in the van is also in custody but hasn't been arrested, police said.

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