Colo. Officer, Hostage Wounded in Standoff

AURORA, Colo. --

A hostage and officer were wounded early Tuesday when officers moved in on a suspect who was holed up in an SUV outside an Aurora apartment complex.

The suspect was killed.

A call was made to 911 around 11 p.m. Monday from a Super 8 motel at East 1st Drive and South Sable Boulevard.

"We received a call that a woman was being threatened by a man with a gun," said Detective Robert Friel with the Aurora Police Department.

As officers responded there was word the dispute had moved to the parking lot of the Cherry Grove Apartments.

"Officers set up in the area. They got a visual on a car that had several people inside of it. They also began receiving information that the male that had been threatening the female was inside this vehicle, and that he was still armed," said Friel.

The information was coming from a person inside the car who was on a cell phone with police dispatchers.

"One of the concerns that we had was the vehicle would go mobile. So we were trying to do everything we could to prevent that from happening. Which included blocking the parking lot here with patrol vehicles," said Friel.

A SWAT team was called out. But before it could mobilize a decision was made to have officers move closer to the hostage situation.

"Several vehicles moved in close to the hostage vehicle. That is when our officers heard a shot being fired," said Friel.

A team of officers then surrounded the blue Isuzu Rodeo, breaking out one of the windows.

Several shots were fired. The suspect, a hostage and officer were all wounded.

The suspect died.

The officer was being treated early Tuesday for a gunshot to the wrist.

The hostage was also being treated for a non-life-threatening wound, according to Friel.

Several witnesses were transported to police headquarters for questioning.

"We are certainly looking at the relationships that were involved with the three people that were inside the vehicle. Our officers believe that two of those were being held hostage by the man with the gun. What relationship they had, how they knew each other, we are still looking into that," said Fiel.

A gun was recovered from the suspect vehicle.

Investigators were looking into who shot whom.

"I cannot tell you who shot and how many times shot. We are going to be looking into that," said Friel.

An update on the investigation is not expected until Tuesday afternoon.

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