Iowa Cruiser Hit by Train During Police Pursuit


A police chase ended with a movie-like sequence when a train smashed into a police car during a chase early Wednesday morning.

Officers tried to make a traffic stop shortly before 3 a.m. Lt. Dominic Wibe said an officer initially pulled over a white sport utility vehicle, but the driver sped off and headed for the Sac and Fox Trail.

The driver first went on a frontage road along the railroad tracks, and then drove directly down the railroad tracks, police said.

“We stopped the pursuit at that point, but one of the squad cars didn’t stop soon enough, and was struck by the train,” Wibe said.

The driver of the SUV stopped, got out and took off running. Police said he was still at-large.

Wibe said trains were coming in both directions on the two sets of tracks, and police were able to notify the train operators to stop, but not before one train hit the police car. The crash happened near the intersection of Otis Road and Cole Street SE.

“Lucky for (the driver), he was on the right (tracks),” Wibe said.

The investigation was continuing. The SUV was impounded by police.

Wibe said there would be warrants out for the man’s arrest.

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