Stray Pit Bull Attacks On-Duty Iowa K9


A Polk County Sheriff’s K9 was hurt during a pit bull attack, while out on a case.

Polk County Deputy Mark Mohr and his dog Damian had been called to assist Des Moines officers in a search for two robbery suspects in Des Moines.

After the search was called off, Mohr and Damian were walking back to their squad car, when Damian was attacked by a pit bull.

Mohr was unable to pull the dogs away from each other, so a Des Moines officer had to use his Taser to subdue the pit bull. The dog ran away.

"It kind of startled me because it was right under me. I noticed it was there, it came from behind me," said Mohr.

The pit bull lunged at Damian and they started fighting locking up immediately.

"My reaction was to pull Damian back then as I was pulling him back, I fell to the ground," said Mohr.

Mohr said he's thankful the officer was there and the Taser worked.

"More than likely, I would have had to shoot the pit bull if I had been by myself," said Mohr.

The pit bull hasn't been found despite extensive searches of the neighborhood.

Damian didn't suffer any serious injuries.

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