Satisfaction Rating Up for New Orleans Police


More residents are satisfied with the job the New Orleans Police Department is doing, according to a survey from the New Orleans Crime Commission.

Police Chief Ronal Serpas said several high-profile instances recently could have tarnished the NOPD's image, but the study indicates that people are more pleased with the department in the areas of courtesy, cooperation with the community and general satisfaction.

Beverly Holden has been living in the St. Roch neighborhood for more than 30 years. She said even though the past few months have seen an increase in violent crime in her community, she believes the situation is getting better.

"Some of the bad guys that (they) have been looking for, they have caught them (and they are) locked up right now," Holden said.

Holden is one of many in the city who's feeling more satisfied with the job officers are doing, according to a survey released by the New Orleans Crime Commission.

"New Orleanians have a more positive, favorable view of the NOPD than they have had in years," Serpas said.

The findings indicate the police have improved when it comes to being courteous and cooperating with the community.

The chief also said officers are better at explaining their actions when they make a police stop. But even with the positive news, Serpas said there is room for improvement.

"Honesty and integrity remains a significant concern among the citizens who responded to our survey," Serpas said.

The chief also said the high homicide rate is an issue that goes beyond the police department.

"Regarding murder, 77 percent of people think the number of murders in this city would drop if families, schools and communities took more steps to address violent crime," Serpas said.

The survey indicates that satisfaction with the department is up in every police district, except the Fifth district where Holden lives.

"The police are trying to do the best they can, but sometimes they can't do it because people will not come out and speak to them. So far, its going down and things are getting better," Holden said.

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