Handcuffed Man Head-Butts Colo. Officer


A 32-year-old man handcuffed by police during a family disturbance head-butted an officer in Colorado Springs early Wednesday, police said.

Andrew Farris was arrested on suspicion of assault on a peace officer, police said.

Police said Officer David Kester and Farris were treated for minor injuries.

An arrest photo showed Farris with red bumps on his forehead. His left eye was swollen shut and he had a bandaged cut above one eye.

Officers were called to a family disturbance at a home in the 2000 block of Broken Circle Road at 3:17 a.m. Wednesday, police said.

Farris' mother said her son was out of control, breaking things and threatening to hurt himself and others, police said.

Kester and another officer found Farris in the garage, and police said he became aggressive and threatened to harm the officers.

The officers said they gained control of Farris and handcuffed him.

As Farris was escorted to the patrol car, he "purposely head-butted Officer Kester, striking him in the cheek and nose," a police report said.

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