Colorado Hostage Makes Dinner for Gunman

The woman said she thought the meal would relax him, and she also got him to joke around.

After dinner, Kathy let him have a cigarette, but made him smoke it far away from her in the bathroom.

"I could have bolted. I could have run out the door," said Kathy.

"Why didn't you?" asked 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger.

"Well, the officer said I was not too bright for not doing that exactly, but it was calculated risk," said Kathy.

She said she was afraid of losing his trust and then seeing him barricade himself inside her apartment. She feared police would have to use tear gas or end up having to shoot and did not want the expense of cleaning up.

"I didn't want to see him hurt. I didn't want to see me hurt. I didn't want to see the police hurt or my neighbors," said Kathy.

After his cigarette, Kathy took his hand and led him outside.

"We came to the door, I held his hand until he got up to the door, and the officer talked him into stepping forward, getting down on the ground," said Kathy. "The minute they got him into cuffs and got me away, the place was a sea of blue uniforms everywhere."

Kathy said she's heard a lot of sounds from inside her apartment near Colfax Avenue, but will be more careful about what she checks out herself.

"I will certainly look through the peep hole a lot more," said Kathy.

It was another tense incident for Aurora police, who have had three officers injured in violent confrontations in the past week.

During a Sunday night incident, a car theft suspect was killed, another suspect injured and an Aurora police officer suffered a head injury.

On March 17, an Aurora police officer was hit in the leg by bullet fragments during a traffic stop near Emporia Street and East Colfax Avenue. The suspect later took a family of four hostage. Early the next morning, SWAT officers killed the suspect after police said he opened fire on them.

On March 15, an Aurora police officer was shot in the wrist while trying to end a hostage situation near East First Avenue and South Sable Boulevard, police said. In that confrontation, the suspect, Daniel Garcia, 25, died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Arapahoe County coroner's office said. Garcia had recently walked away from a halfway house, where he was serving time on assault and menacing charges, according to court records.

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