Fired Ga. Sheriff's Staff: 'I Wouldn't Participate in Sex'


An employee at the Clayton County Sheriff's Office says she was fired because she refused to participate in a devious sexual affair.

This story started developing last week when Clayton County Deputy Alicia Parkes was indicted on felony charges for videotaping another employee in the bathroom.

Now the woman who reported the videotaping is speaking with Wendy Saltzman about claims she was sexually harassed and fired.

The woman who made those claims is LaDonna Williams. She says Parkes made sexual advances to her and she reported the harassment to internal affairs. Included in that report were the details of Parkes videotaping another employee in the bathroom.

Parkes was indicted but she's still on the job. Williams says she was fired, because she would not take part in sex games at the sheriff's office

"The chief of staff told me that that was the only reason I was hired was because Sheriff Kimbrough wanted me there," Williams told CBS Atlanta News.

Williams admits she probably never should have been hired at the Clayton County Sheriff's Office because she says she was not qualified. The high school drop-out tells us Sheriff Kem Kimbrough paid for her GED with county funds.

"He heard that I had failed my test but I was still allowed to work there. I failed my NCIC test, my GCIC," Williams said.

But even after failing these law enforcement requisites, she was still given a job. Weeks later she told CBS Atlanta News the sexual advances began.

"(The Sheriff) gave me a card saying this is my personal number if you need me right away," Williams said, showing us Kimbrough's business card with a hand written number on it.

William's internal affairs complaint says Parkes, allegedly started sending Williams nude pictures of herself. And then Williams says Parkes grabbed her breasts.

"I got very angry about that," Williams said. "The next thing I know she's asking, 'Would you have sex with both of us?'"

The "both of us," according to the internal affairs report, was Parkes and Kimbrough.

Williams then filed a complaint of sexual harassment. As part of that complaint, she told investigators Parkes videotaped another female employee in the bathroom. Parkes received a letter of reprimand. Williams lost her job.

"I was fired simply because I did not have a threesome between Sheriff Kimbrough and Deputy Parkes," Williams said.

"I want to talk with you about LaDonna Williams," Saltzman said approaching Kimbrough. "She says she was fired because she would not have a threesome with you."

"That is absolutely ridiculous and I don't have time to talk with you about that," Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough denies the sex allegations.

"Why did the county pay for her GED?" Saltzman asked.

"I have no idea," Kimbrough said.

"Why was she hired here when by her own recognition she was not qualified for a job here?" Saltzman asked, but the Sheriff walked off.

Parkes has been indicted on two felony counts for eavesdropping and illegal surveillance but she is still is still on the job. Kimbrough refused to talk about Williams' termination.

"I don't understand why she was fired when Alicia Parkes hasn't been fired," Saltzman said.

"You have the case file, you have my decision," the Sheriff responded.

Kimbrough says it was his decision who to fire. This is not the first time he is accused of having sexual relations with an employee at the sheriff's office.

His internal affairs records shows when Kimbrough was a major there was a case investigated that involved harassment in the workplace, where it was determined he had a consensual relationship with a correctional officer in the department.

Deputy Parkes has refuse multiple requests for an interview with CBS Atlanta News.

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