Ohio Bank Robbery Suspect Fills Out Withdrawal Slip


Police in Englewood said they have arrested a man accused of robbing a local bank and then going to a nearby restaurant, eating then leaving without paying.

The robbery happened at the US Bank inside the Meijer store on Main Street near Interstate 70.

Police said the man entered the bank, filled out a withdrawal slip, but when he found that that his account was empty, he made the tellers give him cash.

According to police, after he got money from the bank, he walked across the parking lot to the Tumbleweed restaurant and ordered some food. However, the man is accused of eating the food and then leaving without paying.

Sgt. Mike Lang said, "The manager over at Tumbleweed's then provided that description to the dispatcher. The dispatcher then realized it was the exact same description given by employees at the bank."

Officers said they found the suspect walking across the street.

"Definitely a strange story. It was 45 minutes from beginning to end. This case is closed," Lang said.

ENGLEWOOD: Man Accused Of Bank Robbery

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