Colo. Officer Arrested on Suspicion of Sex Assault

GREELEY, Colo. --

Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner said Friday that Officer Daniel Shepherd, 28, has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and official oppression.

Shepherd was arrested at the Police Department Friday afternoon, Garner said.

Garner said officers were called to a party on March 13 where a 19-year-old woman was reportedly drunk and the partygivers wanted her removed.

"This officer [Shepherd] told her to leave, and what we're allegeding is that he then followed her from the party and made contact with her during a vehicle stop," Garner said.

A few hours later, the victim told police she'd been fondled and touched inappropriately by a Greeley Police officer during a traffic stop in a residential area, Garner said.

"The investigation resulted in the arrest of Shepherd," Garner said.

"All evidence indicates that she [the victim] was intoxicated and she was not charged or ticketed for anything," Garner said. "That's part of our investigation."

Shepherd has worked for the Greeley Police Department for three years.

"I think it's very important to point out that the entire investigation was conducted by Greeley police officers and the arrest was made by Greeley police officers," Garner said.

Shepherd is being held on $50,000 bond in the Weld County Jail.

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