Man Claims Pa. Undercover Officer Assaulted Him


A Bellevue man claims he was assaulted by an undercover officer during a traffic stop on Friday.

Valdez Thompson said he had just pulled onto I-376 from Grant Street, when a police officer put on his flashing lights, harassed then attacked him in broad daylight.

“Just like, give me your license and called me the “n” word. I said, OK, OK, just calm down,” said Thompson.

Thompson said the officer put a gun to his mouth when he asked to see some identification.

“He kept calling me the “n” word and when I looked, he pulled a gun out of his shirt and put it in my mouth,” said Thompson.

Thompson said the man took his driver’s license then sped off toward the North Shore. Thompson called 911 and went to Police Zone 1 Headquarters.

State Police did not release the name of the trooper, but they said he gave a completely different story about what happened.

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