Driver Threatens Kentucky Officers at Traffic Stop


Jeffersontown police arrested a man Sunday after they said he was making threats at a traffic stop.

The incident started when police said they approached a pedestrian who was near a stopped car. Police said the pedestrian walked away as officers approached the car.

Police said one officer stopped the pedestrian while another officer stopped the car.

According to an arrest citation, the pedestrian admitted to be paying drug money to the driver of the car.

Police said they found marijuana in the car, and the driver, 22-year-old Lienell Henderson, became very belligerent.

Police said Henderson said he wanted to run, and that he would break out the windows of the police car.

According to police, Henderson also told officers that they would pay for locking him up and towing his car and that the officers would be stupid for taking their cars home because he could find out where they live.

Henderson was charged with possession of marijuana and first-degree terroristic threatening.

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