Women Jump From Fire to N.H. Officers' Arms


An early-morning fire over the weekend forced a Pembroke family to jump to safety from the second floor of their house.

While the Pembroke Street home appears to be a total loss, the Booker family said they have received a tremendous outpouring of support from the community.

Dawn Booker said her 68-year-old mother, who lives on the second floor, was also able to escape safely.

"That little window out of the top there, I pushed my mom out of the window," she said. "I had to go after because there was just so much smoke downstairs."

Police Officer Dana Dexter and a corrections officer were on their way home from working third shift in Concord when they came across the fire. The two worked to break the fall of Booker and her mother.

"The fire was starting right under where they were standing," Dexter said. "When they were on the roof, the fire was actually under them."

Dexter said he was told the family's dog, Billie, was still inside, but he couldn't get to it. He told firefighters about the dog and then recorded video on his cell phone of them carrying the dog out of the fire.

"We're over at the neighbor's house, and my son is completely distraught," Booker said. "'My dog! My dog, Billie!' and they yelled to us, 'The dog is OK!' My son goes running out jumping up and down."

The 10-year-old rescue dog was hiding in the only room that didn't burn. Booker said the dog is receiving some oxygen at a veterinarian.

The Bookers said they plan to rebuild in Pembroke, but they are staying in a hotel for now. Booker said her mother is still in a hospital for observation.

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