Law Enforcement Technology

September 2009

The magazine is written with the law enforcement manager in mind and concentrates on emerging trends and technological advances being made in the field of law enforcement as well as focuses on companies that provide leading product categories such as computers & software, uniforms & body armor, communications, vehicles, weaponry, forensics, training, tactical equipment and video imaging products.

The electronic beat: Web Extra

The electronic beat

When policing doesn't pay: Web Extra

Twitter me this, twitter me that: Web Extra

A national treasure

Emergency Evacuation: Get a road of this

When policing doesn't pay

Taming the RMS monster

Tapping into medical science

Interoperability in action

Beefing up ballistic resistance

Beefing up ballistic resistance

Using drones: For today's generation, the training paradigm has changed

Twitter me this, twitter me that

Get Ready: Southeast training expo prepares first responders

On the water

Finding missing children faster

Toxicity in arms trafficking

An ounce of prevention

Tools of the riot control trade

Seeing past the hard stuff