Law Enforcement Technology

October, 2008

The magazine is written with the law enforcement manager in mind and concentrates on emerging trends and technological advances being made in the field of law enforcement as well as focuses on companies that provide leading product categories such as computers & software, uniforms & body armor, communications, vehicles, weaponry, forensics, training, tactical equipment and video imaging products.

To protect and serve all

Choosing the right radar speed display for your community

Responding with fight or flight

Kevlar technology

Creative crime prevention

Space age pocket protectors go mainstream

Return to D.A.R.E.

WHO YOU gonna call?

Authoritative resources: Four technology centers of excellence

Bearing TRUE witness on thy neighbors

Sniffing out the serial trail

Caught on camera

Hidden in them BONES...


Underwater sonar tech aids evidence recovery and protects police divers


Lifting heavy metal

The Recon Scout: "Know before you go"

Susan Atkins

The anatomy of a 'crime camera'

COPLINK CompStat Analyzer automates crime data analysis