Tom Perroni

Tom Perroni NREMT, EMT-E, EMT-T, EMT-W. Mr. Perroni is the current Training Director for the Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy.  He also works as the Lead Medical Instructor for ACADEMI Consulting formerly known as Blackwater. He has worked as a Contract State Department Medic & Instructor. He is a former Law Enforcement Officer with several years of service. He is a current SWAT / Tactical Medical Instructor. He is a Medical Instructor Trainer in many areas of medicine to include ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, TCCC, Emergency Medical Technician as well as Critical Care medicine. Mr. Perroni is a Volunteer EMS provider with Stafford County Fire Rescue Dept.  Mr. Perroni has 15 Years CONUS/OCONUS Contract Medic. 

Shock & Post Injury Hypothermia