Sheyna Marshall

On Memorial Day in 2006 Sheyna Marshall was involved in a crash in where three young boys were street racing. One of them lost control and rear ended their vehicle at about 90MPH this took the life of her oldest son Christian and left her two other children Justin and Makenna severely injured. Justin was left with a crushed skull and severe chemical burns from gasoline. At the time of the accident Sheyna was a stay at home mom with her three children. About two years ago she couldn’t take just sitting at home anymore and had to get out there and make a difference, so she became a police officer. In October 2012 Justin endured his 13th Surgery, this time the most risky yet. Justin went through a hemispherectomy in which half of his brain was removed with the hope of stopping a seizure disorder. Since becoming an Officer, Sheyna Marshall has dedicated her time to educating the public on the dangers of street racing and distracted driving. She does this by giving her time to local area high schools through the Drive Smart Colorado program. During these presentations Officer Marshall educates youth on these dangers by telling a story that is very personal to her. I am nominating Officer Sheyna Marshall for Officer of the Year, because she constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty by giving these presentations to schools and through education she is changing lives and making our streets safer.