Phoenix Armor

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15550 N. 84th Street, Suite 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 444-1500
Fax: (480) 951-1085

Phoenix Armor™ is partnering with Murray Neal to provide the latest in armor technology developments to the military, law enforcement, governments and other qualified personnel and their entities. Phoenix Armor™ provides the well qualified infrastructure to support the development, design and manufacturing of highly advanced future armor technologies originally manufactured by Pinnacle Armor®, or per end user specifications, not capable of being manufactured in the past.
Murray has developed the next generation of a highly advanced patent pending flexible rifle defeating body armor solution that is lighter, harder, and tougher superseding the past three generations of the Dragon Skin® technology. Phoenix Armor™ is the name of this new patent pending technology. Our body armor designs will be available soon.

Swamp Cooler Shirt

Swamp Cooler Shirt

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