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RT LTA Systems Ltd. is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of the SkyStarâ„¢ family of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications applications. SkyStarâ„¢ is a self-contained, versatile, easily transportable, cost-effective tactical system comprised of a ground control station, a ground system module, a tether, a lighter-than-air platform, a stabilized payload platform, and a sensor suite. RT's products are protected by patents. SkyStar systems are operational worldwide in various military and civilian missions. Currently, systems are deployed in countries such as Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, Russia, and various countries in Africa.

SkyStar 100/180 Mini-Aerostat Surveillance Balloon

SkyStar 100/180 Mini-Aerostat Surveillance Balloon

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