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Commtact Ltd. provides advanced wireless communication solutions for military and civilian applications, and specializes in thedesign and manufacture of wide-band data links that support most platform and sensor requirements. Commtact products operate in manned and unmanned Aircraft, Helicopters, Marine Vessels, and other short, medium, and long-range portable and mobile applications. For over two decades, Commtact has been developing and manufacturing advanced and reliable high technology products and systems, displaying the capability for quick response, and long-term stability with excellent customer and product support. The Commtact philosophy emphasizes the use of the latest proven technologies and components to avoid obsolescence during theproduct’s life cycle, while concentrating on miniaturization of systems. The company's goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction by adapting products to customer requirements, rather than have the customer change them in order to use a specific product

AMLS (Advanced Mini Link System) for Manned and Unmanned Platforms

AMLS (Advanced Mini Link System) for Manned and Unmanned Platforms

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