Milspec Plastics

Milspec Plastics


Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Milspec Plastics manufactures the patented Cobra Cuffs®, XTREME™ Zip Ties and provides security products to both the Law Enforcement and Civilian markets. Milspec Plastics has a proven track record of successfully delivering high performance products to Law Enforcement agencies. With decades of experience in plastic engineering; Milspec Plastics has pioneered innovative solutions - tested and approved in the field.

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Milspec Plastics, manufacturer of the patented Cobra Cuff announcethe new XTREME Zip Ties which can be folded for storage and double locked for pick proof security, similar to the Cobra Cuffs but with a single strap. The double lock also serves to help prevent accidental over-tightening during transport of suspects, reducing officer liability. Using the same rubber based polymer;

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