Law Enforcement Tactical Training System (LETTS)

Company Details:

The Law Enforcement Tactical Training System (LETTS) is a division of Target Tracker. We are committed to providing the best real world training scenarios to both police and military law enforcement communities across the country. We utilize state of the art moving target systems, developed by Target Tracker, LLC.

LETTS combines real world training scenarios with the tactical knowledge needed to adapt and overcome in any tactical engagement. The LETTSystem has been developed by our advisory board of real world Law Enforcement, SWAT, Military and Advanced Training personnel.

We guarantee that when our products are combined with the successful passing of our wide range of training courses, not only will you gain enormous confidence, but you will also have the tactical advantage needed to win the fight!

Areas of Tactical Advantage

  • Bullet Accountability
  • Instinctive Shooting
  • Enhanced Muscle Memory Exercises Without Firing a Shot!
  • Reduce or Eliminate Tunnel Vision
  • Enhancers to Reducing Auditory Exclusion
  • More Realistic Training Courses of Fire

Key advantages of training with LETTS equipment and specialized training programs include:

  • Automation of Timely Paperwork with the Click of a Button!
  • Our Innovative Industry Training Tracking System and Reporting Tools
  • Ease of Use
  • Enhanced Tactical Training
  • Reduced Officer Training Time Allocation thus saving your department money!
  • No Non-Sense Product Reviews of Budget saving low cost solutions
  • The ability to share training between departments
  • The ability to customize your courses and course schedules

Law Abiding Citizen Cost:             $99.95

NRA Member/ Instructor Cost:       $89.95

Law Enforcement or Military Cost:  $79.95

Entire Organizations Call for Group Discount Rate (248) 770-9678 or email