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Mobilicom Ltd. designs, develops and manufactures Instant Mobile Wireless Network solutions and products for mission-critical applications and are in use throughout the world.  Mobilicom is the leading company in the field of instant mobile 4G broadband communications, specializing in video, data and voice communications between devices without any existing infrastructure. The company’s products are based on LTE technology. Mobilicom is the only company that incorporates the concepts of instant, ad-hoc, mobile and broadband communications into their products.  Mobilicom specializes in end-to-end instant wireless system solutions that are competitively priced, highly mobile, operate free of infrastructure constraints and operate in NLOS environments.  Mobilicom’s products include their flagship product, the MCU-100, a 4G wireless communication unit that provides instant, ad-hoc/mesh communications as a part of a mobile network, the MC-HPA High Power Amplifier and the MC-EMA Element Management Application and the MC-NMA Network Management Application tools.

MCU-30 4G Mobile Wireless IP Communications Device

MCU-30 4G Mobile Wireless IP Communications Device

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