RealView LLC

RealView LLC

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RealView, LLC, is a software development company headquartered in downtown Chicago that specializes in paperless, mobile solutions.  RealView is also the developer of the RealView Mobile Inspection program, a paperless tablet application designed for streamlining inspections, audits, and compliancy requirements.  RealView Mobile Inspections maximizes efficiency for any inspector by giving them the ability to submit compliance checklists and even issue “Alerts,” “Violations,” or “Service Requests” from the field in a user-friendly, one-step process.

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CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan Program

Product From RealView LLC

RealView, LLC announced that the Village of Niles, Illinois, will implement its CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan program.

The CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan program makes available all of the data required by First Responders, including building construction, fire protection information, site plans, floor plans, utility shutoffs, hazardous material details, maps, photos, fire hydrant locations and more, upon being dispatched to an incident or on scene.  This critical building information enables First Responders to act with knowledge so they can respond quickly and accurately, saving time and potentially lives.

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