Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) US, Inc.

Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) US, Inc.

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Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. is one of the world's leaders, for the past 80 years, in the production and marketing of unrivalled combat proven small arms.

The company’s weapon systems include the innovative TAVOR family of Assault Rifles, the ultimate two caliber X95 (Assault Rifle & SMG), the reliable NEGEV Light Machine Gun family, the well-known GALIL Assault Rifle family, including our recent addition of the robust GALIL ACE family, the renowned GALIL SNIPER SA Rifle, the legendary UZI SMG (Mini, Micro and Uzi Pro) and the acclaimed JERICHO family of pistols.

All these firearms are combat proven and are weapons of choice of top military units and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). IWI and IDF have established joint Research & Development (R&D) teams to develop these weapons, whose final configurations are the product of ongoing interaction, field tests and modifications resulting from combat requirements.

The intensive and constant use of IWI's products by IDF and worldwide, enables the company to design its products accordingly, optimizing, innovating, modifying and improving constantly its weapon's features by using modern technology.

All our weapon systems are in compliance with the most stringent military standards (MIL-STD) and ISO 9000 standards.

IWI is a member of SK Group, a leading global Defense and Security group of companies that includes Meprolight Ltd. (Electro-Optic systems), Pulse Inteco Systems Ltd. (Lasers and Night Vision systems), Camero-Tech Ltd. (Through-the-Wall sensing), Israel Shipyards Ltd. (Ship manufacturing and repair), Uni-scope Ltd. (Optical periscopes) and more.




IWI's weapon systems can be specially adjusted to your particular needs and can be complemented with various accessories, according to your specific requirements, like X6 0r X10 telescopic sights, reflex or Tritium sights, night vision, flash lights, etc….


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A Round Chamber Indicator for the JERICHO Pistol

Product From Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) US, Inc.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) introduced a new feature for its JERICHO Pistol - round chamber indicator. It enables a higher level of operational use including safety  fixtures. The popular JERICHO Pistol delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Available in standard, short, and compact models, with either steel or polymer frames, and in 3 calibers -

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UZI PRO Pistol

Product From Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) US, Inc.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) launched the UZI PRO Pistol at Milipol, Paris, November 2013. The UZI PRO, one of the most popular weapons in the world, operationally proven, with millions of units sold around the globe, is now available in a Semi Auto pistol configuration ideal for law enforcement, security, and Special Forces units. The UZI PRO Pistol delivers all the benefits of the UZI PRO Sub-Machine Gun: lightweight, compact, accurate and reliable. A longer barrel enables increased effectiveness as well as additional available ammunition. Among its many features are Picatinny rails - and the option of either concealed or openly carried use.

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