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Agilite™ is a cutting edge manufacturer of professional tactical gear headquartered in Israel.

Agilite was founded by Israeli Special Forces and US Army veterans with extensive experience in forward combat zones. We are priviliged to work with and supply what we consider to be the world’s finest special operators in different global locations and pride ourselves on products that give them an edge, even in the toughest of missions, weather conditions and terrain.

Made In The USA

Agilite Tactical Gear is designed in Israel and manufactured in the United States for the ultimate combination of breakthrough design and the highest quality manufacturing on earth.


Agilite is committed to constantly pushing the boundaries of creative tactical gear design. The Agilite design team's own combat experience has informed their understanding of the enormous difference intelligent tactical gear can make to a Military, Law Enforcement or Security Professional’s everyday life. They know that good equipment keeps you agile, light on your feet, fast and maneuverable.


IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier)

IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier)

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