B&W Sensors LLC

B&W Sensors LLC

Company Details:
3668 S. Geyer Rd.
Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63127

Phone: 314-822-2001
Fax: 314-822-2068

B&W Sensors, LLC is a speed detection and traffic monitoring company that offers state of the art automated sensor technology to provide traffic solutions and violation assistance services to law enforcement.  The patented Multiple Vehicle Speed Tracking (MVST™) system uniquely monitors and records multiple vehicles in multiple lanes simultaneously, regardless of whether the vehicles are moving toward or away from the sensor.  The MVST™ system allows either fixed or mobile applications and may be operated either on an attended or unattended basis.   Unlike laser and radar based systems, the MVST™ system is undetectable to the driver.

This system assists law enforcement agencies who have concerns with public safety on major roadways and allows police officers to be deployed more effectively in the community.