Field Forensics Inc.

Company Details:

Phone: 727-490-3609
Toll Free: 877-809-4253
Fax: 727-490-3610

Field Forensics, Inc. (FFI), a small business, is a State of Florida corporation and is a developer and manufacturer of forensics sampling and identification devices for law enforcement, homeland security, and military customers. FFI is a US-owned company and equal opportunity employer. FFI has a global sales network; a significant portion of FFI's total sales are export sales. FFI has fielded several product lines, which address market needs in field chemical extraction, explosives detection and substance identification, explosives screening, covert ops, HUMINT and source handling; research and development in these and related technologies are underway. FFI develops devices using novel materials and methods to field systems that are highly-evolved but simple to use in very tough environments.

Products & Services (see reverse side for product-line descriptions)

  • Explosives detection and identification devices
  • Drugs detection and identification devices
  • Field & laboratory chemical sampling devices
  • Bottled-liquid scanners
  • Bomb squad/EOD/IEDD equipment
  • Metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) detectors
  • Explosive-blast-containment vessels & blast-mitigation materials
  • R&D services for defense, security and law enforcement
  • Training services in homeland security applications

Technical & Commercial Capabilities

  • Commercial & technical staff include MBA and Ph.D.-level personnel
  • New product research & development, design and packaging
  • Technology transfer and licensing
  • Joint R&D partnerships, cooperative research and development agreements (CRADA)
  • Analytical and forensic chemistry & physics including Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), colorimetric chemistry, electrochemistry, mobility spectroscopy and solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME and PSPME), nuclear detection and spectroscopy
  • US Drug Enforcement Agency registration certificate for controlled substances

FFI actively seeks licensing opportunities, development partnerships and agreements, as well as co-marketing opportunities.