M2 Inc.

M2 Inc.

Company Details:

Phone: (802) 655-2364
Toll Free: (802) 655-2364 m2 Inc

m2 employs half a dozen in-house specialists in design, engineering, R&D, production and logistics. m2 executes manufacturing with specialized sub contractors in North America and Europe.

m2 Customers include:

  • Adidas
  • U.S. Govt.
  • Boston Brace
  • Aircast
  • Invacare
  • ProTech Armored Products
  • SPS
  • Sunrise Medical

m2 Products include:

  • Mechanical closure technologies for footwear, military, medical, and automotive industries.
  • Conventional and step-in snowboard and wakeboard binding technologies.
  • Protective helmet & face shield technologies.
Ratcheting medical tournaquets

Ratcheting medical tournaquets

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