Company Details:
4600 N. Park Ave.
Suite G1N
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone: 1-978-474-1900

JackBe is the leading provider of Real-Time Operational Intelligence software, a new emerging segment of Business Intelligence. JackBe empowers companies to respond and react to changing business conditions as they happen.

JackBe Presto delivers real-time operational intelligence dashboards direct from live information sources to provide visibility and insight that ties operational information to business KPIs and Metrics to measure continuous business impact.

JackBe Presto brings flexibility and simplicity to the business so they can easily mash and assemble live operational dashboards that provide KPIs, metrics and other actionable intelligence for continuous decision making. With Presto, organizations whose business depends on "information that is always in motion" benefit from Presto's ability to "point-click-and-connect" to a wide variety of enterprise sources such as databases, data warehouses, web services, news and social media to assemble real-time operational dashboards in minutes and hours— not days, weeks or months. Companies choose Presto because of its ability to reduce the complexity associated with combining disparate information into actionable intelligence without having to manually merge and meld data. Organizations are able to create personalized views of an operational environment in order to make rapid decisions within a short window of time. These operational dashboards run unchanged in SharePoint, portals and mobile devices allowing organizations to leverage their investment across the enterprise and beyond.

JackBe’s global enterprise and government customers achieve real-time operational intelligence by compressing the decision window allowing them to be more responsive, informed, and relevant in their market. JackBe customers achieve operational intelligence for datacenter operations, situational awareness, remote performance monitoring and real-time analytics.