Court Security Products

Court Security Products


Court Security Products was created to provide safety tools that will enhance your security environment. The Security Restraint Chair was designed by Cliff Priest, a retired deputy sheriff with 20-plus years with the County of San Diego, working specifically in the courtrooms of the San Diego Superior Court. Cliff Priest also served as a voting member on the Working Group on Court Security to the Administrative Office of the Courts in the state of California in which he recommended uniform funding standards and guidelines.

It is Court Security Products mission to provide new and innovative products that will help increase the safety of our courthouses, jails, and hospitals.

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Custody Chair with Grip Locking Waist Belt

Product From Court Security Products

The ergonomically designed Custody Chair featuring The Grip locking waist belt is the least restrictive in-custody containment system available to law enforcement and physicians. The Custody Chair provides a comfortable, pain-free, invisible containment for noncombative subjects in law enforcement or physician supervised custodial settings.

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