NTP Software

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20A N.W. Blvd., No. 136
Nashua, NH 03063

Phone: 603-622-4400
Fax: 603-263-2375

We are dedicated to providing our customers the best solutions on the market to control, manage, and protect their unstructured data.

Founded in 1994, NTP Software is the worldwide leader in the management and control of unstructured data. Every day, more than 20 million users work with storage resources managed by NTP Software’s technology.

Our platform-independent products enable schools, government, and corporate customers to control compliance, access, quotas, and the lifespan of their users’ stored files automatically.

NTP Software solutions also gather the analysis and planning data necessary for both short-term and long-term decision making, providing everything necessary to gain active control of all aspects of a user’s interaction with local and shared storage.

NTP Software has been an innovative leader in the storage industry since its inception. Because of our company’s creative talent, vision, and hard work, Microsoft awarded us the Microsoft Solution Provider "Partner of the Year - Worldwide" in 1997 (ranked #1 out of over 13,000 competitors).

Our leadership and innovation continues today. Microsoft, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, and HP all recognize the value of NTP Software technology and solutions. These companies partner with us so their customers can derive more value from their investment in storage and take advantage of opportunities to reduce their ongoing costs.