RedXDefense offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions for combating threats. Our innovative technology offers law enforcement, homeland defense and military the latest in creative products that provide solutions to their real-life security challenges.  RedX products range from our field-proven ruggedized, portable, trace explosive detectors that are ideally suited for hard-use military applications to our newest lightweight, hand-held units that detect narcotics, homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue.



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The XCAT Narcotics, Explosives, and Gunshot Residue Detector

Product From RedXDefense

RedXDefense, a leader in the field of narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue detection equipment, announced today a 37% reduction in the cost of the narcotics sampling cards for the XCAT handheld detection system.  In addition, the Company has released a new gunshot residue sampling card with an added adhesive strip for collection of small particles.  These improvements and cost reductions continue to position the XCAT as the future of field testing and as a viable and attractive replacement to the Field Test Kits.  Law Enforcement Agencies in over 25 states and 8 countries are now successfully using the XCAT.  

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