CavCom Incorporated

Company Details:
7748 Hawthorn Trail NW
Walker, MN 56484

Phone: (218) 547-4988
Fax: (218) 547-4913

The Company

CavCom is a privately held company with manufacturing facilities in Walker, MN, and regional sales staff throughout the U.S. Our commitment is to develop products designed to prevent hearing loss and improve 2-way communications in High Noise and/or Respirator environments.

Immediate 2-way communication is critical to enhance worker safety and improve product quality. CavCom recognizes that employees demand comfort, durability and personal protection—each of our products are superior in each category to any other comparable device on the market.

CavCom Technology

CavCom is the original “Talk Through Your Ears®” technology developed to ensure superior hearing protection and improve 2-way radio communications for all industries. CavCom electronics interface with virtually any 2-way radio on the market, and the hearing protection ear sets provide safe listening levels. All CavCom electronics are available for Intrinsically Safe environments.


CavCom products serve (1) High Noise environments and (2) Respirator use. Traditional radio microphones, headsets, bone conduction mics and throat mics simply don’t work well in these environments. CavCom products provide the most protection and comfort for anyone subjected to these limitations.

Direct from CavCom

All CavCom products are manufactured in the USA and are available direct from CavCom. Warranty, repairs and customer service are also factory direct to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

RNC Safer With CavCom Advanced Two-Way Communications Technology

August 15, 2012
From CavCom Incorporated