Company Details:
3483 Airport Rd., A12
Ogden, UT 84405

Phone: 303-816-7285

LEPTRON’s mission is to constantly innovate and provide the finest and most innovative products in the field of Helicopters and Power Sources.

Leptron Industrial Robotic Helicopters
Leptron’s focus on Industrial Helicopters is to create the highest quality, most technologically advanced and easiest to use helicopters in the world. We continue to focus on innovation in the area of UAV helicopters to create market leading platforms that provide: larger payloads, longer range, higher altitudes, harsh environment operation, and other high performance features that our customers demand.

Leptron Custom Power Sources
Leptron continually strives for innovative battery sources with improved power, longevity, and superior weight standards. We will provide updated newsletters as new information and technology are available and new products are tested and ready for purchase. LEPTRON manufactures nickel metal battery packs for receivers and transmitters.