Warrior Trail training body armor components allow you to “Train Like You Fight” while preserving expensive, fragile ballistic body armor for the real fight. Warrior Trail manufactures products that allow military and law enforcement professionals to train hard at a fraction of the cost.

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Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert


Warrior Trail Consulting unveils its newest innovation in military training armor by announcing a line of non-ballistic body armor plates, providing a unique addition to the military training and technology community. The U.S.-manufactured products provide low-cost training alternatives that can potentially save military services millions of dollars by avoiding damage and wear to expensive ballistic body armor plates. Warrior Trail’s non-ballistic body armor plates match the size, shape, weight and rigidity of the Interceptor Ballistic Armor (IBA) style plates used by U.S. military forces worldwide. Each Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (E-SAPI) and Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (ESBI) training plate is manufactured from rigid PVC material that is impervious to damage by impact, shock, water, mud, fuels or other contaminants. Plates can be easily washed and reused indefinitely.

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