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It is commonly said that the mind is your most powerful weapon. We at Brumal Tactical fully believe this, which is why our training is not only designed to give you the physical skills necessary to defend yourself, but the proper frame of mind and mental training to use them. Panic, stress, adrenaline, and hundreds of other factors during a dangerous encounter can impact your ability to think, act, and move competently, and with precision. While we can't negate the body's natural reactions to dangerous situations, we can help prepare you for them. Through a combination of simulated combat, stress inducing drills, and intellectual exploration, students graduating from our courses will obtain a greater understanding of not only how they naturally react to dangerous situations, but how to deal with them.

Every instructor at Brumal Tactical that teaches courses above the basic level have real life experience using combat skills to save their lives, and the lives of others around them. Their experience ranges from an Army Ranger with combat experience in the middle east, to a former Secret Service agent, to a Sherriff's deputy with hundreds of hours of search and rescue training and field experience. These instructors were all hand selected from hundreds of applications because of their training and experience, as well as their ability to effectively communicate. Click to learn more about the instructors at Brumal Tactical.

Our mission is to train our students and ourselves to be confident, proficient, and effective with their defensive weapons. We want to empower every student that takes our courses, sending them away with a few new tools in their self defense arsenal. We will guide you, work with you, and pass along the benefits of our experience, but most importantly, we will challenge you. We will teach you to fight and survive. You will be sore at the end, but you will never leave empty handed.