Company Details:
P.O. Box 20341
Mesa, AZ 85277-0341

Phone: 480-854-9955
Fax: 480-807-4179

The US National SWAT Championships and the US SWAT Sniper Championships are properties of Advanced SWAT, LLC (AS), an Arizona company that specializes in Law Enforcement training and competitions that utilize real policing skills. AS competitions are phsycially demanding and test team and individual skills, organization, weapons utilization and fitness. They are not competitions for wannabees or the weak or faint of heart.
The objective of AS training is to provide cutting edge training to law enforcement agencies that is both relevant and practical with the goal of making each student more skilled, more efficient, and more ultimately capable. The principles of AS have over 60 years of “street” and training experience in the law enforcement and military. Their subject matter expertise includes: Basic SWAT, Advanced SWAT, Hostage Negotiations, Building Entry and Searches, Explosives and Explosive Entry, Patrol Tactics, Less Lethal Systems, Chemical Agents, Physical Security, Officer Survival Skills, K-9 Strategies, Precision Driving, Counter-terror Programs, Suicide Bomber Detection and Tactics, and Basic and Advanced Weapons (pistol, carbine, rifle).

Additionally, AS consults to organizations regarding event management in the areas of: event planning, logistics, media (including TV), competitive event development and execution of competitions.