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FreightWatch Security Net (FSN), a FreightWatch Group company, combines wireless communications and machine-to-machine (M2M) engineering expertise in its "track and trace" devices that work where traditional GPS technology does not. FSN manufactured products and online services deliver real-time remote location and sensor data. Whether it is embedded cargo tracking, supply chain visibility, asset location assurance, loss prevention or covert surveillance, FreightWatch portable, battery-powered tracking solutions provide a reliable layer of security for a widening range of applications. FSN technology is a trusted choice of high-value shippers, the transportation industry, corporate asset managers and law enforcement agencies alike.

Founded in 2005, FreightWatch Security Net is based in Austin, Texas, and provides cross border tracking systems to its affiliates worldwide.


  • 7501 N. Capital of Texas Hwy.
  • Suite A-140
  • Austin, TX 78731
  • United States
  • Phone: 512-329-0292
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 512-329-0293
  • Website:

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Geo F2 Covert Tracker - 2011 Innovation Awards Winner


The FreightWatch Geo F2 Covert Tracker is a covert GPS location tracking, monitoring and surveillance device. Based on gpsOne assisted location-position technology, the Geo F2 tracker operates in impaired environments with no clear view of the sky. The F2 can be hidden under suspect vehicles, inside buildings, embedded in high-value cargo, inside a pill bottle at pharmacies or inside a bicycle seat stem as part of a bike bait program. The Geo F2 along with FSNtracks web-based “track and trace” platform allows law enforcement agents to view suspect location in real-time using Google maps, set geofences for movement or when the suspect or cargo goes outside established routes or areas, and customize when to receive alerts by email or SMS. The Geo F2 provides a complete solution for dedicated covert tracking applications and is used by federal law enforcement agencies, police department and campus police throughout the U.S.

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